Output Device Not Found

There are limitless possibilities for electronic sound. Yet often the most evocative electroacoustic works are those whose source material comes from physical space. These are recordings of where people work, where people go to be alone, what people think of themselves and what others think of them. There is a strange, ironic beauty in using mechanical means to be more representative of life, of the natural world, and of our lived experiences. Output Device Not Found presents a collage of music showcasing disparate source recordings, from narration to fiddle tunes to Billie Holiday.

Output Device Not Found features Catchfire in breakout formation on an entirely electroacoustic program - Jillian, Kyle, and Isaac perform trios, duos, and solos with technical assistance by Robin.

Date: April 2022

Location: TBA, be sure to check back soon or subscribe to our mailing list! 

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  • Lipstick, JacobTV

  • The Other Voice, Jen Wang

  • Selections from neither Anvil nor Pulley, Dan Trueman

  • Steelworks, Anna Clyne

  • Winter Music, Liam Elliot


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