Listening Through an Open Door

Catchfire goes on tour with Listening Through an Open Door, showcasing some of our favorite works from this season! Featuring our 2020 Call for Scores honorable mention, Listening Through an Open Door encourages new modes of listening. We explore how hearing certain pieces played alongside one another creates a new experience, a new perspective on the music. We perform music that encourages a broadening awareness - of our external environment and of ourselves. Listening becomes as transformative as the performance itself, and new meanings can be found.

Date: March 2022
Location: TBA, be sure to check back soon or subscribe to our mailing list! 

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  • Selections from Dancing with the Shadow, Eleanor Alberga

  • Listening Through an Open Door, Nicholas V. Hall

  • Cranks and Cactus Needles, Annie Gosfield

  • They Sing, They Clap, They Shout, Christopher Mayo

  • New Work, Hilary Purrington


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