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Coloring Book

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  • Lobster Tales and Turtle Soup, Holly Harrison

  • World Premiere, Hilary Purrington

  • Falling Up, Robin McLaughlin

  • Roadshow for Otto, Carl Schimmel

Coloring Book invites you to embrace your inner child in a whimsical, colorful show for the young and young at heart! In this program, we explore music that captures the wonder of childhood imagination. With works inspired by Alice in Wonderland and Shel Silverstein, Catchfire imagines a brighter, more fantastic world. Plus, Catchfire presents a world premiere by Hilary Purrington! During Catchfire Coloring Book, we invite you to explore the colors along with us. Audience members of all ages will be encouraged to draw and color along with the music - and, your artwork will be featured on our social media!

January 2022 UPDATE: due to complications caused by COVID-19, this performance has been cancelled. 

Our next local performance is Output Device Not Found

Click to on each photo below to read about the pieces and composers featured on this program 


Hilary Purrington
Holly Harrison
Robin McLaughlin
Carl Schimmel
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