Based in North Carolina’s Piedmont Triad, Catchfire Collective is a mixed chamber music ensemble reigniting the traditional idea of chamber music concerts to build relationships in their community. By collaborating with composers of this generation, and shining a light on music of the past, Catchfire presents innovative and powerful concerts that strive towards inclusivity.

Lalia Mangione, violin

Kyle Kostenko, clarinets

Robin McLaughlin, piano

Isaac Pyatt, percussion

Jillian Storey, flutes

Peter Swanson, cello

Guest Artists who have performed with us:

Andy Hudson, clarinet

Cassie Kossman, clarinet

Andrea Tiffany, clarinet

Maddy Klee, violin

Gilson Fearno, percussion

Chris Eaton, percussion

Sean Thompson, speaker

Lihuen Sirvent, flute

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