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Hop // Skip // Jump

Hop // Skip // Jump is a sonic journey through different worlds. We’ll leap through portals in the musical multiverse, jumping in and out of a new work by Isaac Pyatt to the soundscapes of a city bus, rain falling against the window, air against metal, and an episode of Antiques Roadshow. Catchfire will hop, skip, and jump from set-up to set-up, interspersing improvised material with breakout chamber works. The show concludes with a new work by Catchfire’s Peter Swanson featuring the entire sextet.

Reserve your tickets for both the Greensboro and Winston-Salem performances at the links below: 

Copy of Catchfire Collective 2021-2022.p

September 2021

Thursday, 9/9 at 7:30pm: Hope Chapel GSO

Friday, 9/10 at 7:30pm: First Christian Church Winston-Salem

Saturday, 9/11 at Chapel Hill Save the Music Series 

Click to on each photo below to read about the pieces and composers featured on this program 

  • Roadshow for Otto, Carl Schimmel

  • Shimmering Dust, Erin Rogers

  • Patter, Robert Honstein

  • Bus Music, Arie Van de Ven

  • Listening Through an Open Door, Nicholas V. Hall

  • Dark Jewel Tones, Peter Swanson (World Premiere)

  • Manifold Destinies, Isaac Pyatt (World Premiere)

Arie Van de Ven
Nicholas V. Hall
Robert Honstein
Erin Rogers
Carl Schimmel
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