i am a shadow...the true self

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Each of us has some sort of negative perception of ourselves - our darker sides, our shadow self. We spend much of our lives rejecting these traits, striving to show others our best sides only. We split ourselves into two. But the more we reject the shadow, the stronger it becomes, the more distorted it becomes - and we suffer for it. i am a shadow...the true self considers what might happen if we accept this shadow self. It is only through acceptance of those darker thoughts that we can acknowledge who we truly are. Only through dancing with the shadow can we find enlightenment.

i am a shadow...the true self features new choreography by Dylan Reddish for Eleanor Alberga’s Dancing with the Shadow alongside choreographed performances of Philip Cashian’s Dark Inventions, David Lang’s cheating, lying, stealing, and Roshanne Etezady’s Damaged Goods.

  • Dark Inventions, Philip Cashian

  • Damaged Goods, Roshanne Etezady

  • cheating, lying, stealing, David Lang

  • Dancing with the Shadow, Eleanor Alberga

Date: May 2022
Location: TBA, be sure to check back soon or subscribe to our mailing list! 

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Philip Cashian_edited
Roshanne Etezady
David Lang
Eleanor Alberga